Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MM Video: Stephanie


  1. A chequered life, but Christ died for us all, and I think she has a good heart. I enjoyed your biography of her. I agree, she must have been terribly traumatized by her mother's death. It's horrible the way people seize on these royal tragedies to spread disparaging rumors about those who are suffering most...similar and even much nastier stories were eagerly spread about, for instance, in Belgium after the deaths of King Albert I and Queen Astrid.

  2. I've always had a soft spot for Stephanie, possibly because some of the dearest people in my own family have been similar. A heart of gold but hopelessly contrary. Princess Grace said she could have beat Stephanie like a gong and it would have done no good. My own Stephanie says the same about my youngest neice lol. And as said, and as Stephanie said herself, she was nearly crippled for life in the accident, lost her mother at an age when parents are probably needed more than at any other time and then to have the tabloids basically accuse her of killing her own mother ... unspeakable. For someone who's been through so many heartaches I would never dare "cast a stone" though I have often shook my head in bewilderment.


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