Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watching the Horses

HSH Prince Albert II, proud mother Princess Caroline, brother Pierre and boyfriend Alex were all on hand to watch Charlotte Casiraghi compete in the International Jumping de Monte Carlo event yesterday. Once again, though Charlotte may take top prize for looking great in a pair of riding breeches she finished only with the minimum 500 euro prize (top was 5,000) so it is a good thing Charlotte is certainly not doing this for the money.
Because of her special connection with the host country Charlotte also handed out the prize to the top winner. Pierre's girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo was also on hand and day 2 Charlotte's little half-sister Princess Alexandra also came to watch the equestrian festivities.
After all was said and done a very glittering party was held for all involved in the high style that Monte Carlo does best.


  1. Hi! Do you know if Charlotte has any job, besides the horseriding? Some time ago she was doing a stage for the Indipendent newspaper, but now? And what about Andrea and Pierre?

  2. Of course she doesn't *need* a job, having a considerable fortune herself and living with her millionaire boyfriend but she is still pretty much in the journalism trade. Her latest project has been working on an up-scale periodical about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Last I heard on Andrea he has taken up a great deal of charity work and has been working as an intern at the Qatar embassy in Paris. Pierre resides mostly in Milan, Italy where he works (when he wishes) in the business of their late father which spans a variety of industries from international trade to real estate.


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