Friday, June 18, 2010

Albert and Charlene Arrive

Yesterday HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and longtime girlfriend Charlene Wittstock arrived in Stockholm, Sweden for the special concert building up to today's wedding ceremony between HRH Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling. Just another day at the office perhaps for Prince Albert but this will be the first major royal function to which Charlene has been invited. Although they may be avoiding wedding bells of their own, royal society seems to be accepting them as a couple. In the past Prince Albert and Princess Caroline attended such events but not this time; which has led to some speculation. A prevailing viewpoint is that the Swedish court simply wanted to avoid any discomfort over whether or not to invite Princess Caroline and her wayward husband (in name only these days) Prince Ernst August V of Hanover. However, it may be less complicated then that. Prince Albert II and Crown Princess Victoria have been good friends for many years and that may be all there is to it. In any event, Charlene was looking very much at ease in this new situation for her and she and the Sovereign Prince made quite a pair. Perhaps the spectacle will give them a little nudge in the matrimonial direction.


  1. Although I want the Prince to be happy, I am just sure Charlene would make him the best wife. We seem to only see her on the world stage. She doesn't seem to be with him on some of the more routine days in his life. Is this just the press coverage or does she really live in Monaco and they stay home nights and watch TV?

  2. She is with him more often than it seems. At the recent Winter Olympics in BC you could see how comfortable they are together. I've never heard if she lives with the Prince or if he keeps a nearbye residence on hand for her. I've never been 100% pro-Charlene but I don't like to see her picked on and I would be thrilled if the Prince would pop the question and make an honest woman of her.


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