Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Swedish Royal Wedding

HSH Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock cut a fine figure at the wedding of HRH Crown Princess Victoria and (now) Prince Daniel of Sweden yesterday. Charlene carried herself well, no major gaffes in her first major royal function though the press seemed a little put off that she basically ignored them and refused to answer the questions they shouted in her direction and the Sovereign Prince stood out in a sea of dark coats with his white jacket. I must say I still havn't figured that out -the shoulder boards are throwing me off. If this is some formal-dinner wear uniform I have not seen the Sovereign Prince wear it before. Perhaps a unique version of his Princely uniform for the special occasion? If anyone has any ideas let me know...

It has also been commented on in more than one media outlet that a "mere girlfriend" is not usually invited to such an event but only spouses and fiances. This fit right in with the constant reminders that the new Prince of Sweden was a personal trainer etc which just goes to show, yet again, that there are none so snobby and stuck up as the gaggle of common-born "media elites".

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  1. In my world in California, usually the groom is the only one to wear a white coat, unless all of the groomsmen are dressed that way. Maybe the Prince was trying out the idea. Anyway, Charlene's dress was beautiful and the gray may have looked better next to his black coat.



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