Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jazmin Grimaldi Graduates!

This last week Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, natural daughter of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, graduated, with honors, from Junipero Serra High School in California, a very prestigious, Catholic private school. Congratulations to Miss Grimaldi on this accomplishment and Mad for Monaco wishes her all the best in her future; she has a bright one ahead of her.


  1. I didn't realize she was as old as she is. Congratulations Jazmin!
    And I like the new layout of your blog. :)

  2. Thanks. I'm not completely happy with the look, I wish I could upload a background, but my original intent had always been to have a more red-white theme in the Monegasque colors.

    Evidently there was some controversy about Prince Albert not wanting photographers at the event (personally I doubt he was that involved, any effort on his part would have turned it into a media circus regradless) but some certainly were as pictures have been popping up all over the place.

  3. Didn't the Prince attend his own daughter's's graduation? Does he have a relationship with her that is close? I have a soft spot for Jasmin. Her and my son were born on the same day.

  4. Safe to say he did not attend and while that might seem odd for most people his attending would have turned the event into a media circus and all the focus would have been on him rather than Jasmin and the other graduates. As to how close their relationship is we can only speculate but it is certainly not that close considering they live on different continents.

  5. *reportedly* (aka, accoring to The JSerra website), she will attend Fordham University in NY this fall. She, in additon to graduating with Honors, also earned the Senior Faculty Award, the Senior Fine Arts Award, and was selected as a lifetime member of The California Scholarship Federation.
    Prince Albert was in Switzerland on official business at the time, and it would've been impossible flight wise for him to attend her graduation-besides, imagine the media circus?! And who really knows what their relationship is like? Maybe he just sends Tamara money every year, a christmas and brithday card, and maybe a phone call or visit if he has the chance-we don't know, nor is it our business.

  6. FYI Jazmin's high school is not Junipero Serra High School. Junipero Serra is an old all boys private Catholic prep in Northern California. Her school is very new so the name was already taken and it is consequently called JSerra.


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