Thursday, November 19, 2009

National Day 2009

The day's festivities began with a mass at St Nicholas Cathedral for St Rainier Day
The Princely Family faces the crowd
No matter the occasion Princess Stephanie cannot help 'touching up' her big brother. She's always been the little mother hen to Albert.
Cousin Melanie de Massy joined the "Casiraghi Trio" and Princess Alexandra on the balcony

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco; fatherly Mediterranean monarch
The Sovereign Prince salutes his soldiers as they march past the Princely Family on the palace steps.


  1. Interesting pictures, and insightful captions.

  2. What decoration is prince Albert wearing near his stomach? I can see the golden necklet of the Order of Saint-Charles, the star of the Order of Saint-Charles (right, bottom) and the star of the Order of Grimaldi above it. But what kind of star is the decoration on the left of the 8-pointed star of the Order of Saint-Charles?

  3. I believe that is the star of his Legion of Honor from the French republic.

  4. Yes, I think you are right. Thanks a lot, MadMonarchist!


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