Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anniversary of Princess Grace's Birthday

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Grace Patricia Kelly, the future Princess of Monaco in 1929. Probably no other princess consort has had such an impact on Monaco and probably no other Princess of Monaco has had such an impact on the world as Princess Grace. People all around the world, who may have never even heard of Monaco before knew and adored Princess Grace. From her time as a Hollywood star it is remarkable that in a relatively few films (being independently wealthy she could be picky about her parts) she was able to capture the public imagination with her natural talent and was truly one of the great actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood. She played a diverse array of parts, but looking back after the fact it almost seems as if she was in training from the start to be a princess (a part she did play on film once). No matter what role she was in she seemed to always have that 'regal' quality about her. As a real princess she showed considerably more class than many born royals do today. She kept her problems to herself and like a real genteel lady she held herself to a higher standard than those around her when the reverse is more often the case with most people. She was a dutiful wife and a devoted mother even when those could be difficult jobs but she never let it show; being at all times the very picture of the ideal princess consort. She left us too soon and may she ever rest in peace.

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