Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Casiraghi Trio: Is it Time for Titles?

When the Casiraghi trio (Andrea, Pierre and Charlotte) were still tiny little tots Princess Caroline said that they would not immediately be given titles and that she wanted them to grow up as regular, common children with as "normal" a life as possible -because of course nothing could change the fact that they are filthy rich and their grandpa was the Prince of Monaco. I think most understood this, agreed with or at least accepted it and so time went on with Princess Caroline keeping them out of the limelight as best she could. However, that was quite some time back. All three are now definitely grown up, all have had some higher education, serious relationships and even done some official engagements in a few cases. Young, wealthy, attractive and well-connected they are also certainly as hounded by the media as anyone. My point being; what exactly is the reason as things stand now for none of the dynamic trio being titled?

Take the case of Andrea alone. I would assume that one reason for the lack of titles would be that Princess Caroline is still holding out hope for her little brother to get married and have some legitimate offspring. She has stated in the past she would like nothing better. However, while it is still possible, Prince Albert II has been avoiding the issue for many years and seems no closer now than in years past, and while certainly not an old man he can also not really be called a young man anymore either. So, as things stand now, and Albert has given no indication that they will be changing, Andrea is second-in-line for the Monegasque throne and yet has no title. I can only assume that this confuses a great many people since the trio are often called Prince(ss) of Monaco in magazines and on tv spots, even by "royal experts". Many must assume they already have titles, not unreasonably as their mother is a princess, their uncle is a prince and they are in direct line for the throne. For Andrea not to have a title would be like Prince William of Wales being simply William Windsor.

Obviously, for Andrea at least, his eventual rise to the princely throne would also include the dropping of the surname Casiraghi and the adoption of the Grimaldi name and arms according to Princely Family law. This might be a somewhat painful experience considering that their beloved father has left this mortal coil, but in the case of Andrea at least it seems bound to happen anyway and if some time down the road a miracle occurs and Albert married and reproduces names can always be changed back. Likewise, none of them have to immediately change their name to be given a title nor do they have to be given the title of Prince(ss) de Monaco but they could be given a lesser title. If anyone else has any thoughts on this, please feel free to post them. I simply think that they are already getting the attention, they are all adults, Albert II shows no sign of continuing the line of Rainier III and especially for Andrea it seems odd to be so close to the throne and still be a private citizen. That's my 2 cents.

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