Friday, January 28, 2011

Honoring Saint Devote

HSH Prince Albert II, joined by fiance Charlene Wittstock, sets fire to a boat to be cast out to sea in the traditional ceremony closing the days festivities honoring St Devote, patron of Monaco and the House of Grimaldi. This particular tradition dates back to 1924 when first performed by Prince Louis II (Albert's great-grandfather). The event commemorates the theft of the relics of St Devote with the robber trying to escape by boat only to be captured by local fishermen and brought back to shore. His boat was then burned as an offering. HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover was also present for the festivities, making it a much more 'family affair' than was the case last year.


  1. Given these recent pics, as superficial as it may seem, Charlene Wittstock is an emerging fashionista. Critics accuse her of wearing too much black, but the shade fits her well, and her outfits (presumably Armani) are classic and flattering. Besides, her critics will always find fault in her.

    So, where fashion is concerned, you go girl!

  2. Ms Wittstock looks better when her hair is unfussed. She looks younger, more natural, and softer. The sculpted curls or up-do's although appropriate in formal or dressy events make her a tad matronly and severe.

    Her appearances in these events have been successful, I think. I suppose her main objective is to look great and elegant -- what are royal ladies supposed to accomplish in these events anyway -- so mission accomplished, mademoiselle.

  3. I think that her use of jewelry and accessories is also chic. So many royal women pile on jewelry as if there is a need to advertise their royal status. The Monaco princesses always have been subtle with jewelry anyway.


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