Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charlene Celebrates St Devote

Showing again how Charlene is becoming more and more an official member of the family in the lead-up to their wedding, today Charlene joined in the official celebrations marking the feast of St Devote, patron saint of Monaco and special protector of the Princely Family. Dressing very traditionally (good to see) Charlene joined her Prince at St Nicholas Cathedral for mass. It was expected the couple would marry in this cathedral as Rainier III and Grace did but it was announced they would instead have an outdoor wedding at the palace. Armani has also said he will be designing the wedding gown. In any event, it is good to see Charlene taking part in the traditional life of Monaco and becoming more involved with Monegasque culture as she prepares to become Princess of this jewel on the Mediterranean.
A mantilla at church always looks good to me.
Charlene and Prince Albert II at mass
The Prince and future Princess of Monaco greet the crowds at the palace gathered to honor their patron Saint Devote.


  1. She's looking the part, at least.

    I hope that she continues to learn how to do the part very well, and surround herself with the proper people who will teach her how to conduct herself appropriately.

  2. Is it safe to assume that she is now a Roman Catholic? There is an interview on Youtube where she said that she is a Christian, which is not necessarily a Catholic. As Princess, she is supposed to be Roman Catholic, is she not? Thanks.

  3. There were conflicting reports but I think she is now though she used to be a Protestant. As far as having to be Catholic, I don't know of any legal requirement, but Monaco is an officially Catholic country and it would be rather unheard of for the princess not to be a Catholic -at least nominally so.


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