Monday, January 24, 2011

Caro's Birthday

Yesterday, HRH the Princess of Hanover (Caroline of Monaco to you and me) celebrated her 54th birthday. A very happy occasion but, as we have mentioned before, it is also the anniversary of her marriage to Prince Ernst August V which I'm sure is not seen as quite the happy occasion now that it once was. There has been no news on that front, the 'married in name only' situation still seems to prevail but, the important thing is that Caroline seems to be taking it all in stride, little Princess Alexandra is back in school in Monaco and they all seem to be doing well. Mad for Monaco wishes Princess Caroline a very happy birthday with many more to come. Even with the upcoming marriage of her little brother, it is safe to say that no matter who the 'first lady' of Monaco is, Princess Caroline will always hold a unique place in the hearts of her people and many fans around the world. Like her mother before her, others may take over some of her duties, but her shoes will never be filled. She is one of a kind and has always been a class act. Vive l'Princesse!


  1. Is the house in Fontainebleau closed or do the Caroline's family go there from time to time?

  2. Caroline also through her marriage to Ernst August and producing their daughter has linked their family with the heavyweights of European Royalty. Although the marriage may not have been successful given Ernst's absence, it still has accomplished an important and significant detail in Monaco's history.

    This was Grace's wish after all, according to her biographies.


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