Thursday, August 13, 2009

Princess Stephanie's 'Mom Moment'

HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco has been enjoying some off time lately. She's visited Croatia but it was her stay in New York that has caused more tongue-wagging. She took her children to Broadway to take in the famous show "Hair". However, when the infamous nude scene started Stephanie went into full "mommy mode" and rushed out with her hands over her little ones' eyes. This has caused a number of people to accuse the Monegasque princess of being prudish or hypocritical given her rather colorful personal history. I find that absurd. I doubt anyone who grows up in southern France could be prudish about nudity and no parent is perfect, all parents have done things in their youth they regret and most want their children to do better. Just as her parents tried to protect her (mostly to no avail) Princess Stephanie is doing the same for her own and has spoken before that since becoming a mom she had a new respect for what her own mother went through with her. I say kudos to Princess Stephanie for being protective of her children. I just wonder how much she knew about "Hair" going in?


  1. Excellent point. You try to teach children better, irreverent of your own past. It's the mark of a good parent.

  2. Sometimes it seems royals are "damned if they do and damned if they don't." First, they attack her for her scandals, then accuse her of being prudish or hypocritical.

  3. Even in her early 20's Stephanie talked about making mistakes, learning from them and moving on. The critics aside though, I'm sure her own people are a comfort to her. She is *extremely* popular among the native Monegasques who see her as their greatest champion in the palace.


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