Monday, August 24, 2009

Alexandre's Birthday

Alexandre Coste, first natural son of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco celebrates his 6th birthday today. I will admit, I was not thrilled when first hearing of his arrival, given the circumstances, and I still think it was atrocious that it was plastered all over the press when it was, but none of that is little Alexandre's fault and The Mad Monarchist wishes him a happy birthday. Just beware of fansites that call him a "Prince of Monaco" -that is certainly not the case.


  1. Whatever let it be what it is, He didn't ask to be here and his father knew exactly what he was doing. I hope he becomes the prince of monaco because technically he is and he will be in years to come be. Watch and see.
    He is a beautiful child.

  2. He is a beautiful child but there is no 'technically' -he is not a Prince of Monaco and never will be, no need to "watch and see". Illegitimate children have always been around in royal, princely and every other type of families. They have a special status but never the same as legitimate offspring and the laws regarding that in Monaco go back hundreds of years. If Prince Albert were to "adopt" him it is possible he could be given some title but even that is extremely unlikely considering that Andrea, currently second-in-line for the throne, has no title. If Albert II is succeeded by his own offspring it will be the potential children by his soon-to-be wife Charlene.


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