Thursday, August 27, 2009

Caroline & Casiraghi News

Are Andrea Casiraghi and longtime girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo (seen above) a thing of the past? That's what has the Monaco rumor mills humming ever since photos came out of the 2nd in line to the Monegasque throne on the island of Ponza walking and getting quite romanitic with a girl who was definitely not Tatiana though he was seen again with her the following day. If this is the end of their relationship, I would find it a shame as Tatiana was always my favorite Casiraghi girlfriend and seemed a very "normal" girl very at home in her own skin. Mad for Monaco will follow the story. In other news HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover and daughter Charlotte Casiraghi were among the VIP's attending the benefit gala for the Miracle Africa International Foudation Gala in Valkenswaard. Charlotte was also recently at a riding event in France but did not do so well and was in tears from the pain in her wrist from her recent car wreck. Luckily, attentive mom Princess Caroline was on hand to rush to her little girl's aid with an ice pack. There's your 'heart warming' moment folks. Take them when you can.

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