Monday, August 17, 2009

Pierre Casiraghi Photo Controversy

Last time it was Andrea, this time it is his younger brother Pierre who has been photographed in the nude. It was on a family outing aboard the Pacha III on Tuesday with mother Princess Caroline and girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo when Pierre had just finished a scuba dive and was changing out of his gear that some long-distance scum of the earth snapped some photos that caught a glimpse of it all. There has been talk of some legal action but no official word as of yet. Princess Caroline has gone to court over prior photographic invasions of privacy and won and personally I would be in favor of the same this time. Frankly, I hope they sue these human trash for every dime they have. This would be an outrageous violation of privacy for anyone and the fact that Pierre is third in line for the Monegasque throne should play no part in the discussion. After all, despite what many mistakenly say (and print) Pierre is not a prince of Monaco, he has no titles and no official position with the principality. He is, legally, a private citizen, was on a private excursion and of course had not consented to being photographed and had no idea he was being photographed. There are times when attention should be expected and when "celebrities", royal or otherwise should no better than to let it all hang out, but this was certainly not one of those times and completely beyond the pale as far as I'm concerned. This disgusting behavior has got to stop.

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