Saturday, August 22, 2009

Charlotte Casiraghi's First Interview

I didn't post this when it happened, but I thought I might now just to make this point that this did NOT just happen. Some papers are reporting that this interview happened just this last week. I saw it when it first happened and it was last month. You can go to Youtube and check the date it was uploaded. Anyway, it's Charlotte's first formal interview, the first time many of her fans have actually heard her voice. So here it is.


  1. It was at least 3 months ago! - Daily Truffle

  2. More to the point then. I knew it was more than a month a go, yet I look at "The Examiner" and it says 'this week Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco gave her first TV interview'. I even checked the date of the story and it was August 22. Of course, I suppose it's not much different than the number of magazines, TV shows & "royal experts" who constantly refer to "Princess Charlotte, Prince Andrea, Prince Pierre etc" even though none of them are titled. (sigh)

  3. True. As they say, Char definitely won the "genetic lottery".


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