Monday, April 4, 2011

Charlene Swims the Tiber

Princess-to-be Charlene Wittstock, former Olympic swimmer, has swam the Tiber! Yes, according to People magazine, after quite a period of "is she or isn't she" it was announced today that Charlene has decided to come to 'home, sweet Rome' and officially converted to the Catholic faith. Charlene was raised a Protestant and though there is no law in Monaco that would requite the princess consort to embrace a certain religion, the state religion of Monaco is Roman Catholic and the vast majority of the Monegasque population has always belonged to the Catholic Church. Prince Albert II was adamant in past interviews that the issue was totally up to Charlene and she was under no pressure, however, it would be unrealistic to think that the weight of tradition was not felt. There has never been a Princess of Monaco who was not Catholic, the ties between the House of Grimaldi and the Church are older than the country itself and the diplomatic ties between Monaco and the Holy See are older than almost any other country. In a short statement from the Princely Palace it was said, "Miss Charlene Wittstock, who professes the Christian faith, has been admitted by free and personal choice into full communion with the Catholic Church." This is very good news as the future Princess of Monaco will now be united in faith were her husband, the rest of the Grimaldi family and the people of Monaco. Congratulations to Charlene on this important occasion in her life.


  1. Great News!
    And I must say I knew it before the announcement. During Saint Devote festivities you could see that she wasn't just - or at least I hoped not - repeating some learned gestures.
    Why would she comungate if she wasn't Catholic? And you could see the reverence with wich she made the sign the cross at the Balcony.
    Congratulations Charlene! You will now be able to take the children to Christening and knowing what's all about.
    Thank you for sharing, Mad.

    P.S. And let's be honest you could see this as a point used to bash her on the future...

  2. Some weren't even waiting for the future, they have been criticizing her about it already. I assumed she already had and the palace was just keeping quiet about it. I never thought she would not convert -legal it may be but it just isn't done.

  3. Best wishes and blessings to the future Princess Charlene.

  4. I thought so. That she had already converted, I mean, but somehow suddenly the Palace started being intelligent about what is released and what isn't and in which timing.
    This will determine her role and even her, and the family's, well-being in the future.
    It's not easy to be the fiancée and the wife of a much-wanted-Heir ;)


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