Saturday, April 30, 2011

Albert and Charlene at the Wedding


  1. I think that Charlene Wittstock has generally been a fashionally sound individual by knowing what her best features (her long, lean frame and fair coloring) are and taking advantage of them. Not everyone may like that gown she wore for the pre-wedding dinner, but I think she pulled it off.

    Also refreshing is her simple, sensible taste in jewelry and accessories. The gown's ruffled skirt may be a bit busy, but she did not pollute the look by piling on jewelry or having a complicated hairdo. Very pretty and impressive in my view.

  2. I'm no fashion expert but I heard alot of nasty comments about Charlene's dress (at the pre-wedding dinner) and I can't see what all the fuss is about. I think she looks good, glamorous but not over-the-top.

  3. Unfortunately, she seems to have so many haters who will make it their mission to find fault in the woman. I hope she has a thick skin to go through her future responsibilities without being affected by the nasty things being said about her, and that Prince Albert and his sisters remain as her most devoted allies in Monaco.

    I'm not a fan of her per se, but am rather appalled by how irrational and self-righteous her haters can be. Personally, I think she will be one of the most stunning princess consorts in contemporary time. She definitely can hold her own against those of Norway, Belgium, even Denmark and Spain looks-wise. May she find the inspiration to devote her time though to the proper causes and not just be a clingy wife and superficial fashionista. Enormously huge shoes to fill, Charlene, but the best to you.

  4. Well people I think we need to look at this from the British point of view. First of all, she may have been over dressed for the pre=wedding dinner. It's hard to say-I didn't see any of the other gowns--but if she upstaged the bride, the British press would be very nasty. I certainly would not have worn white. That was a major mistake. Who advises this women?

    Next, if you saw pictures of Charlene while her and Albert were just dating, she wore nice gown that were elegant and simple. Now she is wearing gowns that have drastically changed her style. She not continuing her own style--she's trying to create a new one. Unfortunately, she appears phony because of it, a princess want a be. Albert needs to put a stop to this--she is appearing to use a great deal of Grace's style.(Others have made this comment on this blog). This is what Albert was afraid of and he needs to get her back to her own style. Kate didn't try to dress like Diana; Charlene needs to dress like Charlene and not Grace.


  5. No danger of that, neither the bride or groom were at the dinner. As for the dress, alot of people thought the color inappropriate but I'm no judge of such things. From the photos, it didn't even look white to me.

  6. As MadMonarchist stated, Kate Middleton wasn't there during the pre-wedding dinner, so there was no danger to that. Also, you need to see the other royal women who were extravagantly dressed. You are in the presence of the Queen, so one should try to look his or her best.

    I think the British should be grateful that the Royal women (let's not be too technical now -- I know she isn't a princess yet) brought their finest and put some glamour in this event. Charlene definitely looked a star, and why must she water down her glamour? So as not to overshadow anyone?

    As for "appearing to use a great deal of Grace's style" -- what's wrong with that??? Grace Kelly is the ultimate fashion icon, so to be inspired by that is a wise move. Even the bride herself, whether she or the people of Alexander McQueen admit to it or not -- used Grace Kelly as a standard in creating that wedding dress. Why should Charlene be seen in a different light? Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman and all these other great Hollywood beauties acknowledge that Grace Kelly is their fashion idol, and they're not being criticized for it.

    With all due respect, Albert does not need to put a stop on anything right now. Unless Charlene intends to replace Grace's iconic portrait in the Room Of Mirrors ... Fashion and style wise, she's finding her stride and is in the right direction.

  7. Fashionwise she was perfect - a 10 - in both events.

    If I had to choose a 10 and a 9 I'd go 10 for the Pre-Wedding Dinner and a 9 for the Wedding choices.

    I only think she has to work her faxis. She can't get over looking between stressed and bored or annoyed. With a very curious attempt to a direct eye-to-eye with her fiancé. I don't mean that she needs to pull puppy eyes whenever Albert is beside her but to never look his direction when he's speaking beside her and looking to a distant point gives her a cold stance that doesn't help even the more fervorous fan. She also needs to work the direct look with the cameras which she seemed to have mastered in Princess Victoria's Wedding but lost meanwhile...

    After we ;) work on that there's no stopping for those who always hate and bash the new-kid-on-the-block specially if she brings the extra that's missing. As Charlene brought to Monaco.

    With the hate we're witnessing towards Charlene one can only wonder what HSH Princess Grace had in her day in a much more boring (and not so pretty) Royal World...

  8. Grace herself wore white to Princess Anne's wedding -- a major faux pas but she was breathtaking and she was Princess Grace. So Charlene does not deserve to be crucified for wearing white in a pre-wedding dinner where the bride was not even in attendance!

  9. I have read that the suit of Albert was not the most appropriate.

  10. Charlene is stunning, she will be one of the most beautiful new Princesses on the world stage. She looked amazing at each event she attended. Every time I have seen of her in photos, she has always looked amazingly polished and well groomed.
    I am looking forward to the wedding in Monaco, she is going to be a beautiful bride. I do hope one of the US TV Networks carry the wedding.

  11. MadMonarchist, why don't you encourage through your blog any of your European followers to tape the wedding ceremonies and other festivities that are televised in Europe, and then have them available to be purchased by the others?

    This is perhaps the most feasible and humane (!) way for us here in the US to be part of the festivities. I do not want to rely on youtube. Thanks so much!


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