Monday, April 18, 2011

Was Princess Stephanie a Police Officer?

"Pure People" caught up with HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco for a few words about the Monte Carlo Circus Festival early this year and the goings-on in her life. Princess Steph said she shared her big brother's concern for the environment but that her number one "cause" was her children. Glad to have Pauline at her side for the gala, Louis, she said, was more discreet, tending only to show himself when there will not be a horde of photographers present and in any event mostly keeping his mind on his studies at university (good man Louis). Her children are her "pride and joy" and always top priority. Also, even though the Princess herself has not had the best of luck in the romance department, Steph said she is very much looking forward to Prince Albert and Charlene's upcoming wedding and that she will be just as happy as everyone else in Monaco when that special day comes. "I look forward to this wedding! This will be a big family celebration with the people of Monaco, who are so happy for my brother".

When asked how Charlene will cope with the position of Princess of Monaco, Stephanie, who has had some experience with the title herself of course, said that it will not always be easy, but life is difficult for everyone at times. Her late mother, Princess Grace, made it work, and she seems confident that Charlene can too. Princess Grace taught her that love was the key, "it works miracles". Finally, on a more trivial subject, Monaco's rebel princess and chief AIDS crusader was asked about her favorite television shows. What does Princess Stephanie like to watch when it's time to veg-out in front of the TV? Steph admits she has little time for television but, when she does, her American side comes through as her favorite show is "CSI". Stephanie said, "Perhaps I was a policeman in a previous life". In the past, I would have said I could never picture such a thing as "Officer Stephanie" but, seeing what a protective mother she is, perhaps it is not that great a leap after all.

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  1. Such a lovely interview, Mad.
    We almost feel we could hop to her place and enjoy a pleasant evening watching CSI together.
    Thank you for sharing.


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