Friday, April 22, 2011

New Book on the Prince's Guard

For the first time (that I know of) a book has just been released on the Princely Carabiniers, the palace guard and primary military force of Monaco. HSH Prince Albert II was good enough to write a preface for the book which is a photo essay (I like anything with lots of pictures) on the 115 soldiers who serve as the elite guard of the House of Grimaldi. The book gives an overview of this downsized regiment who have a perfect record when it comes to protecting the palace and the Sovereign Prince. Photos cover some of the famous events the guard participates in such as the daily changing of the guard (always a must for tourists) which is done with a little more pomp and ceremony on National Day, the drills the guard goes through in their side-job as the reserve fire brigade and escorting the Prince when he is out and about. For more than a century this elite corps of soldiers has defended the Prince of Monaco and they will be on hand, of course, with their military band to provide the music for the upcoming princely wedding. It is about time that their service was recognized in such a way. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if there is an English version but there usually is, eventually, for books like this.

"Les Carabiniers du Prince" preface by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Jean-Pax Méfret, Sylvie D. Ruau Bernard Boucher, Editions du Rocher, 2011, 190 p.

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