Monday, May 2, 2011

Crown Jewels of Monaco

As most will know, there is no crown in the Grimaldi family. Although long featured as a symbol of princely authority on flags and arms and such, there is no actual crown and there is no coronation. However, the recent female members of the Grimaldi family have had a number of feminine tiaras to choose from when the occasion warrants it. Princess Grace owned at least three tiaras, and these have occasionally been worn by Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie in their turn, but the most famous pieces have been in the family a bit longer and these were regularly worn, by Princess Caroline particularly, before her marriage to the Prince of Hanover.

HRH Princess Caroline is seen here wearing the pearl and diamond tiara which was made by Cartier Paris for HSH Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Caroline’s grandmother. It displays pearls set in platinum and white gold.

In this picture (as well as the above but with a better view), in addition to the pearl and diamond tiara, Princess Caroline is wearing the diamond fringe tiara as a necklace. This piece was also given to Princess Caroline by her grandmother Princess Charlotte of Monaco. It was based on a popular Russian design featuring circular cut diamonds set in a gold and silver frame. To complete the full Monegasque princess picture she is also wearing her sash and star of the Order of St Charles.

Here Princess Caroline is wearing (solo this time) the Cartier tiara, first owned by her grandmother Princess Charlotte, which was given to her as a wedding present by her husband Prince Pierre, Count of Polignac. It features scrolling diamond arches and swinging pearl drops. These two tiaras are probably the most associated with Monaco and have been in the Grimaldi family the longest.


  1. Thank you for these wonderful pics.

    I am beginning to doubt though if the fringe tiara is actually a tiara. The only picture of it being worn as a tiara features Princess Charlotte, and even in that picture, she sported it like a headpiece ala Wonder Woman where the piece was against her forehead than on top of her head. So I think Princess Charlotte just wore the necklace creatively for that photograph.

    The Cartier tiara is a very elegant piece of jewelry. We've seen grander and more bejeweled tiaras from other royal families, but I have to say that most of these are rather ghastly and monstrous. What usually happens is that the tiaras or the other pieces of jewelry end up being the center of attention and not the royal lady wearing it.

    I wish Prince Rainier took up after his father and gifted his outstandingly beautiful bride a tiara worthy of her new role. Grace got this tiny tiara; lovely and classy but minuscule nonetheless. And that tiara with detachable clips? Practical, fine, but not worthy of Princess Grace in my opinion.

    1. The Fringe Tiara is photographed as being worn by HM Queen Elizabeth II, (I don't know WHY considering HM has the most extensive personal collection of tiaras in the world, Hmmmm which one should I wear today???) Not to be confused with The Queen Mary Fringe Tiara or the Russian Fringe tiara. Most tiaras, especially those that are very minimalist halos or tall-standing ones are quite interchangeable as necklaces.

      *Cheers, Mate!

  2. Correction:
    "which was given to her as a wedding present by her husband Prince Louis, Count of Polignac."

    Charlotte's husband wasn't Prince Louis. Her husband was Pierre, Count of Polinac. her father was Louis.

  3. Lovely please let us have more.
    Regards. Juliana

  4. Thank you. If one looks up Royal Jewels of Monaco there is a fabulous website but the photographs cannot be copied. Do you have any of them to publish here for us, please?


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