Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday of Prince Rainier

It was on this day in 1923 that HSH Prince Rainier III of Monaco was born. In the picture above little Rainier is being held by his father Prince Pierre de Polignac, next to his mother Princess Charlotte while big sister Princess Antoinette is held by proud grandpapa Prince Louis II. Were he with us today Prince Rainier would be 88 years old. Not many of his generation are left but the Monegasque are justly proud of the very long history of their monarchy, how they have endured and survived as a sovereign state over the centuries and I'm sure Rainier III would be looking down with pride on the upcoming marriage of his son, hopeful that the Grimaldi-Polignac line will continue into the future. Rainier III was not able to have a very close relationship with his own father (though he tried to make up for lost time as best he could after coming to the throne) and he was determined that his children would not have to endure the troubles that he and his sister did and in that Rainier III was certainly successful. May he rest in peace, one of the greatest sovereigns Monaco has ever had.


  1. Yes, sir. He even stood up -- successfully -- against attempts at usurpation from the politicos.

    You wouldn't happen to have a detailed account of that, would you, sir?

  2. Which time? I did do a somewhat lengthy post on his struggle with Onasis (who of course tried to use the politicos against the Prince). When he tried to use "democratic reform" to get his way, Rainier put down his "absolute monarch" card and that was the end of it.

  3. I am mostly thinking about 1958-59.

  4. Well, that's the same time when the struggle with Onassis (and originally Rey though he later turned) caused the suspension of the constitution. If it's not that, I don't know what you refer to as far as domestic issues go. Perhaps the brief stand-off with France?


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