Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Big Day Approaches

The countdown to the Princely wedding has begun and excitement in Monaco is building. The official program has been released, with some subsequent changes announced and some additional information, mostly for those expected to be covering the wedding. Just exactly what sort and how much coverage remains to be seen, it certainly cannot be expected to be like that seen in London where the sheer number of reporters for that event would alone fill the tiny Principality of Monaco to capacity. In any event, we are now getting more details and more of an idea of what the wedding will be like. Recently an “insider” said that it would have a more laid back, American style to it and that seems to be the case with the pre-wedding party. The Sovereign Prince has invited his Monegasque subjects to the Prince Louis II Stadium for a special concert by “The Eagles”, so we are certainly seeing some American influence there.

Most things will have a decidedly European style to them of course, such as the choice of those who will escort Charlene and then the Princely couple to and from their taking of vows. It was announced that, rather than choosing friends or family, a group of Monegasque children (six girls and two boys), chosen from throughout the principality and surrounding towns, will have the honor of escorting the couple on their big day. Some have been a little critical of this, but I think it sounds like a great idea, it should look cute as can be, and is a good way of including everyone in the celebration. Prince Albert II has often said (like his father before him) that the Monegasque population is like one extended family, and he knows many if not most of them by name. The Prince said this wedding celebration would be as much for his people as anyone else and this seems a very touching way of showing that.

Another difference with the recent wedding in Britain will be the mode of transportation for the couple. In keeping with the passion for environmentalism on the part of the Sovereign Prince, after the wedding mass the couple will take a tour of the principality in a Lexus hybrid. The Palace has also authorized a selection of souvenirs for the occasion, many made by Revol, and include items such as cups, dinner plates, fans and a keychain featuring their monogram, a princely crown and a heart. More items will come on sale later with the full line available in June. This will be, I think, in every way, a very people-friendly royal event, whether it is the special reception for the Monegasque natives, the after-party or the light show and fireworks at Port Hercules to finish it all up, everything seems to be being done to include the people and make this an occasion for all the Prince’s subjects to come together with the Princely Family to celebrate. Can’t wait!

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