Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cinema Against AIDS Gala

The always lovely Charlotte Casiraghi joined her uncle Albert and soon-to-be aunt Charlene at amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS gala on Thursday during the Cannes Film Festival, where the Casiraghi trio are familiar faces. Prince Albert is a veteran of the charity gala but this was a first-time appearance for Charlotte there and she was quite a hit. Prince Albert and Charlene also took home the prize for earning the most money at the auction. What was so valuable that the couple (looking quite glamorous themselves) put up for sale? Two tennis lessons and two swimming lessons. We know Prince Albert loves a game of tennis and we know Charlene is quite the swimmer -will they be taking matters into their own hands? That would certainly make for a memorable event to be sure.
Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi and an amused Charlotte Casiraghi on center stage

1 comment:

  1. Charlotte is an absolute star! She out-dazzles any movie queen.


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