Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monaco-Serbian Friendship

HRH Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia, HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco, HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco and HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia

The House of Grimaldi and the House of Karađorđević have been good friends for some time now and it was good to see Serbian royal couple at the recent princely wedding. The Serbian Crown Prince is, I think, probably the most impressive non-reigning royal around today. He has been very successful in forging close ties with the existing Serbian government and the Orthodox Church and has done a great deal of good for the Serbian people. He has stayed out of politics but has been very active in advocating for a constitutional monarchy in his long-suffering homeland. Serbia will be a great deal better off when they finally correct past injustices and make Alexander their King. I'm sure the Prince and Princess of Monaco would be happy to attend his coronation.

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