Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grimaldi News & Views

Tuesday and Wednesday saw HSH Prince Albert II in Brussels, Belgium for a conference on -you guessed it: the environment! In this case the forests of Europe and the world. Meeting at the European Parliament the Prince of Monaco spoke with the intensity and sincerity he always shows for environmental issues, the cause closest to his heart, and addressed the impact of climate change (the artist formerly known as 'global warming') on the woodlands of the world.

Also on Tuesday, Prince Albert teamed up with 'big sis' Princess Caroline to take in a new exhibit by famed filmmaker and photographer Nick Danziger called "War and Peace: Women in the XXI Century". The exhibit focused on the plight of women in the many conflicts of our time, pointing out that it is they who often suffer the most. It brought to mind a line my mother often quoted, "War is hell on the home front too, God only knows what a woman goes through..." The exhibit will run until the end of the month.

And finally, there is more bad news for the nutjob with the 'notgays' who is obsessed with Prince Albert. His case against Monaco was recently thrown out by a French court on the grounds that one grumpy old man with a grudge and too much time on his hands cannot sue an entire country. He only resorted to that when his case against the Prince himself was thrown out on the grounds of sovereign immunity. So far, he seems to have a hard time accepting the lesson that 'crime doesn't pay'. But, one must do something when you get too old to go on being a professional fraud.

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