Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Events in Grimaldi History

It was on this day in 1731 that HSH Princess Louise-Hippolyte passed away, leaving the throne of Monaco to her husband HSH Prince Jacques I, begining the Mantignon line of the Grimaldi family. However, Monaco was never a good fit for the prince and he soon abdicated in favor of his young son HSH Prince Honore III. He then retired to his more familiar haunts of Paris and Versailles. His former home is now the residence of the French prime minister.
It was also on this day in 1983 that HSH Princess Caroline of Monaco married Italian businessman Stefano Casiraghi. Although their marriage would be cut short by tragedy their years together were thankfully happy ones and Princess Caroline has stated more than once that Stefano was her true 'one and only'. Stefano died in 1990 while boat racing but he gave the Princess three wonderful children; Andrea, Pierre and Charlotte.


  1. Magnificent scarlet costume there in the first picture!

    As for the second picture, Caroline and Stefano even look alike. Very sad what happened. It's also sad that they were not able to be married in church at the time. I wonder how the Princess feels on this anniversary, especially in the light of her recent troubles it must be a hard time of year for her.

  2. 18th century fashions were some of the best.

    I'm sure Princess Caroline has a hard time, she took his loss very hard as one can imagine. For a long time afterward she would go every day to the church and just sit by his tomb. She also has two boys that will remind her of Stefano, Pierre I think particularly resembles him.


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