Saturday, December 18, 2010

Charlene Joins Christmas Traditions

For the first time, Princess-to-be Charlene Wittstock joined the Grimaldi siblings for the traditional gift giving to the children of Monaco. At the Christmas party at the palace Charlene joined husband-to-be Prince Albert II and future in-laws Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie in handing out presents. Afterwards the Princely Family was treated to a round of Christmas carols by the grateful children. The young Monegasque seemed quite at ease with Charlene and she with them, it was all smiles all around and Charlene seemed to be in her element. During all the prep work for her future "job" as princess, I would say that occasions like this are what there should be more of and interviews such as she had in the past are what there should be less of. Of course this was hardly a difficult occasion, and there is no better way to gain popularity at Christmas time than handing out gifts to children, and there was Prince Albert, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie to give support. However, events such as this, alongside the rest of the family, is a good way of easing into the job of being Princess consort of Monaco. Just as we saw on National Day, Charlene seems to have the appearance and style of a princess down pretty well.

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