Monday, December 20, 2010

The Prince and the Pest

Some might recall a moment in the news last year when a man claiming to be a former intelligence agent sued HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco in California over an alleged breach of contract, making all sorts of lascivious accusations along with but quite unrelated to his claim for tens of thousands of dollars. Of course the case was immediately thrown out as no court in California would have jurisdiction over the Prince of Monaco who is also protected from prosecution by sovereign immunity as a sitting head of state. I said as much at the time in my own comment on the spat which attracted the attention of the accuser. At the time I did not believe it was actually the person in question (thinking he would have better things to do than troll forums and blogs to call names of anyone who questioned the merits of his case) but I was certainly wrong there. Not only was it the actual person (I use the term lightly) in question but it was recently brought to my attention that he has been obsessively following my little blog on Monaco ever since, hanging on my every word.

Evidently this extremely thin-skinned person adopted your humble blogger as his secondary arch-enemy after the Prince of Monaco himself. Showing how valid his claim to be an “intelligence agent” was, he tried without success to uncover my “true” identity. I can only feel a little sorry for whoever “Joe Mann” is for enduring the juvenile name-calling of this individual on the belief (or intentional lie) that he is me (well, if he’s not my man he must be Joe Mann I guess). However, aside from being your humble blogger’s most devoted “fan” he has also evidently made it his primary occupation to slander the Prince of Monaco. Coming out with new tirades and conspiracies on a daily basis he has accused Monaco’s Albie of everything but stealing the Lindbergh baby. Recently he has managed to gain a few mentions on internet news sites for accusing Prince Albert II of taking bribes as a member of the International Olympic Committee, sending a letter stating such to the president of the organization (which is probably the only reason anyone mentioned it at all).

The IOC, of course, is not even bothering to investigate such a ridiculous claim. Given the history of this man he could hardly be taken as a source worthy of serious consideration. There is the fact that he has a grudge (some would say obsession bordering on a severe case of the notgay’s) against the Prince, there is also the fact that Prince Albert is hardly someone liable to take bribes considering that he makes more money each day than he could spend tomorrow and finally there is the fact that this same individual has accused Prince of Albert of every sort of malicious deed imaginable, being involved in every sinister global conspiracy and being associated with everyone from the Russian mob to Islamic terrorists. Given that, (and the fact that even by saying this on my dusty little corner of the internet I can guarantee that this man will respond vociferously to me as he does my every utterance -he may in fact be the most religiously devoted reader I have) no matter what the facts or allegations of this case entail it will be dismissed as no more than the ravings of a captain of the tin foil hat brigade and left at that. So far, the Prince of Monaco has considered this crank unworthy of response. Given that his wedding is coming up next year and that there will be an historic papal visit the year after, this course will probably be continued no matter how irritating such ravings might be.
(a double post from my primary blog The Mad Monarchist)


  1. I saw the message where he try to bribe people to betray you for a free pencil! I was tempted by such rich reward, but I remained faithful my friend. He also could have manufactured a better picture. Whoever that is looks nothing like you -much too white! lol

  2. Yes I know, surely the mark of a true "secret agent/spy" -offering free writing utensils to anyone willing to "unmask" your latest blog obsession. If that doesn't convince people you are the real life 007 I don't know what would!

  3. This "spy" has a book coming out shortly after the first of the year regarding this supposed incident. I have read his blog. His obession is a bit scary. While the prince may want to ignore the suit, I wouldn't ignore the man. He seems like the kind of guy who likes big headlines--like the kind to disrupt a wedding.

  4. That is the problem Albert has with this. I'm sure he'd like nothing better than give a legal smack-down to this spiteful crank that's so obsessed with him but he doesn't want to be involved in a legal battle while wedding plans are underway, on the other hand, it still ruins things with these wild accusations being tossed around. I'm sure the most frustrating problem is journalistic laziness. If any of them would just take a quick look around, such as at his blog, they would see this guy is driven by personal hatred and would stop giving him the publicity he so desperately wants.


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