Saturday, December 4, 2010

Princess Stephanie on AIDS Day

HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco, founder and president of Fight AIDS Monaco, recently gave an interview with Pascal Olmeta to the Jungle Fight radio show on an upcoming charity football tournament. Here is part of that interview:

Jungle Fight: An event will bring together your two organizations: the Columbus Show Beach Soccer (10 and 11 December), what do you expect?

Princess Stephanie: This event is a very good thing. It will raise awareness of our respective causes. They will both have fun and make a donation. I expect that beyond generosity, there is an exchange. It also shows the solidarity associations. Each is open to fight each other.

Pascal Olmeta: People may attend as a family to a great show. This event proves that we’re all in the same direction. Only the mobilization and information can make a difference.

Jungle Fight: At the dawn of a new decade, what message would you like to wear through your associations?

Princess Stephanie: Try to listen to the news, not to remain ignorant because it leads to discrimination. My real battle I waged against is discrimination against AIDS patients.

Pascal Olmeta: Try to generate as many smiles on the lips of the sick children and their families. A sick child never stops smiling, he never complains. This permanent smile is his strength.

Jungle Fight: There have been advances in research, can it be any hope?

Princess Stephanie: You can not really talk about hope. Of course, there is advances, but nothing is resolved. AIDS contaminates every three seconds. We must focus on screening. It also does not change the fact that HIV-positive are ostracized from society. The associations are certain things that move, should governments get involved.

Jungle Fight: The smile is there the greatest victory in the 10 and 11 December?

Princess Stephanie: Everyone should have a good time but there must be a realization. AIDS is not inevitable. It is important for governments to support their fellow patients. Would that this level of prevention. Why not redo operations “condoms to a euro?

Source: Monaco Maville

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