Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Images of Charlene

A look at the next Princess of Monaco...


  1. She's bad news for Monaco. Total trash. I'm afraid, Monaco under her ladyship will lose its prestige. The whole family had worked so hard for the soul and of this country. Now, this trash. I hope Albert will wake up soon and chose someone proper.

  2. Rather harsh -did she slap your mother or something? Monaco has survived over 700 years, wars, invasions, political intrigues -I assure you it can and will survive Charlene, no matter what sort of princess she turns out to be. Of course those who despise her for no other reason than their own emotions will never be won over. Most, however, have a more open mind and are willing to at least give her a chance.

    She certainly will not be the first Princess of Monaco to have her critics even before taking up the job.

  3. I will admit I have trouble 'warming' to Charlene, but I don't understand the venom some people feel the need to pour out on her.

  4. I'm exactly the same. I'm not an adoring fan and the Tatler interview was rather off-putting but, gracious, she hasn't hurt anyone, I assume she is trying her best and that, regardless of outsider impressions, Prince Albert knows her very well and she is his choice so I'm willing to at least give her a chance.

  5. Charlene is beautiful and look as a person with very good spirit.

    Great Luck for You Charlene. I like to call you: Wonderful Princess Charlene...

  6. She just seems very cold and there's nothing in her eyes .. no life to them. Her face is kind of blank and expressionless. I don't get it.

  7. Albert got what he was looking for a long time. The family worked long enough to shape the new princess.Not only the style,posture and manners have being changed but her nose to.I noticed striking difference from Charlene's appearances in 2006 and then in 2007.Then looking closely at the pictures of her profiles,I noticed that the slight bump vanished from her nose.Koodos to Charlene.I would do the same if I have money and wealthy boyfriend. Charlene doesn't look like Grace at all.However,she is beautiful in her own way. Ten years ago Charlene met much younger and better looking Albert.Now he looks fatherly to her. But she sticks to her man as majority women to their aging, balding and gaining weight husbands.We do not dump them because they look different now. Let's just wish her long and lasting love to her aging man and good health to him for keeping up with the young wife.

  8. Charlene was very attractive before she did a nose job. She should preserve her uniqueness and not try to look like Grace. Even after rhinoplasty she is still not Grace and she never will. Only one parallel I can draw between these two women, their blond thin hair. It is sad that Albert didn't talk his fiance out of it. Perhaps, it was his idea. He said once, that he want to find somebody like his mother. It is very sad that they had to change the image of that lady to make her look like Grace. However, if she liked to be like Grace ,she should inherit good deeds of late Princess not the look.People of Monaco would love her anyway.

  9. I find it incredibly rude for someone to post that they think she is trash. In fact to talk about her in that way is pretty trashy. Is that because she is not of royal stock or because she's from a country like South Africa. Rather judge someone by their actions. She will have her time to prove herself to the people of Monaco. She might need a little more refining to appease the vanity of some of her more snooty rich critics but who cares about them anyway. As long as Prince Albert is happy.

    As a South African, I am proud that one of our many beautiful women has found herself in the situation Charlene is in and I'm sure she'll prove to be a fine princess.

  10. La Princesse Charléne Wittstock Grimaldi,

    You are amazing beautiful, pure and class.

    You are diamond yourself.

    You are the right and real princess for lonely little sweet Monaco.

    I can easily see your very good heart as well.

    H.S.H Albert II is so lucky.

    I'm sure he'll take care of you. He is kind and nice also...

    I would like to add one more thing: I saw your little girl picture, it's very very sweet and amazing beautiful.

    I've never seen a bride like you even when you cried in the Saint Devote Church...

    I hope you both always happy for ever with your kids:)

    Everything was class in your royal wedding too.

    By the way I would like to buy Royal Wedding DVD but still it's not on sale...

    God bless you...

    Nesrin Savaş


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