Thursday, September 16, 2010

Princess Caroline - Here We Go Again

HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover is back in the news again -though one would wonder why. It all involves a certain gentleman she has been seen with as of late, London gallery owner Gerard Faggionato. However, I cannot help but wonder if there is some sort of secret media law that Princess Caroline must be hounded at regular intervals regardless of what she is doing because this is the biggest NON-story I have ever seen. The stories usually involve some mention of her "marriage" to HRH Prince Ernst August V of Hanover and point to a picture of Caroline and make thinly veiled hints of an affair. Well, *News Alert* folks the Ernst-Caroline marriage has not been going well. They havn't been seen together in over a year, they do not live together and we have all seen the pictures of the Prince of Hanover getting very tactile in Thailand with his latest girlfriend. Did anyone really think things were hunky-dory in the House of Hanover? Please. I think at this point it is pretty clear that they are married in name only. Why have they not divorced? Who knows? Princess Caroline was divorced once before as we all know and that was extremely difficult or she may just be waiting for Prince Albert to get married before going through with something she knows will cause heads to turn. But, what is the "evidence" of a possible romance between Caroline and Faggionato. Evidently, while on her vacation she *may* have attended his 50th birthday party. Wow! Isn't that damning -she *might* have went to a birthday party. As I said, at this point, a non-story.


  1. You're right this is a non=story. However, Albert's wedding is still several months away and she should have time to get a divorce. It won't be pleasant, but then maybe Mr. Dreamy,(whoever he is) can escort her to Albert's wedding.


  2. I would be surprised given how long it has been since the marriage effectively ended (though that still has not been officially admitted) without anything happening. Given how hard it was getting divorced from Junot she may be reluctant to go through all that again.


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