Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hotels of Monaco

Port Palace


Monte Carlo Beach Hotel

Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

Le Meridien Beach Plaza

Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo

Hotel Hermitage

Hotel de Paris

Fairmont Monte Carlo


  1. Is it true that to become a citizen of Monaco you must be born there or marry a Monegasque person?? Is there a third way?

  2. Beautiful but much too rich for my poor bank account!

  3. Citizenship is essentially granted at the Prince's discretion. In addition to the ways you mention you can also maintain a residence in Monaco for ten years and then write a letter to the palace asking for citizenship. If everything is in order the Prince will then grant citizenship though, in such cases, it can also be revoked at his discretion as well.

  4. Monaco certainly is beautiful. I know that there are some less expensive places to stay. Less expensive does not mean looks like a dump. Are those hotels nice looking too? I am planning to visit Monaco soon. I was thinking next summer, but I don't want to get tired up with all of the wedding stuff.


  5. Yes, Prince Rainier made sure that Monaco was welcoming to all income levels. Next year will probably be hectic, depending on when you go. No sooner was the wedding date announced people started making reservations to get their place for the festivities.


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