Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grimaldis at the Museum in Monaco

Yesterday HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and his older sister HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover officially opened a new exhibition at the New National Museum of Monaco at the Villa Paloma, in Monaco, called "La Carte d'Apres Nature". The exhibition was curated by the German artist Thomas Demand. Princess Caroline also brought along a litttle four-legged friend (certainly a more loyal companion that certain others who will not be named....)
Cutting ribbons -one of the many duties of monarchs the world over.
Shades to protect her from the glare of her own glamor, flowers in one hand, puppy in the other, little brother bringing up the rear -yep, Princess Caro is all set!

Is she 'shushing' the Sovereign Prince? Probably not. Caroline is forging onward, head up and eyes forward but little Fido (or maybe Phideaux?) seems distracted...maybe he saw a cat going to the museum as well.

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