Saturday, January 2, 2010

Princely New Year Address

At the start of the new year HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco broadcast a radio address wishing all of his subjects a happy 2010 and discussing the year past in the Principality of Monaco.

"The year 2009 has been marked by the global economic crisis with the many consequences that entails, especially in the social sphere, even if our country was less severely affected and sees taking shape in the last quarter, signs of recovery.

"I would like, once again, everyone, to Monaco, which measures the opportunity is his to live in a free and peaceful, enjoying security, comfort and facilities with little benefit through world.

"It is my hope that this crisis will lead us to recognize the need to adapt our development to environmental conservation," the Prince said before thanking the outgoing Monegasque prime minister and his government for all of their work.

"Mr Jean-Paul Proust has implemented efficiently and the political authority which I have traced the contours in all important areas of life of the Principality. I want to remind everyone in his place, must play its full role, but only its role within the institutions of our country."

To finish up the Sovereign Prince said, "to all I ask solemnly beyond the divisions and move forward in a spirit of unity, not only in words but in deeds. I welcome and encourage all initiatives of actors in our economy who are keen to implement projects in the Principality and implement innovative achievements. Their dynamism and determination to succeed are the guarantee of social benefits to which I am very attached."

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