Friday, January 8, 2010

More Bad News for Hanover

Rumors of an impending divorce for the Prince and Princess of Hanover have surfaced again after HRH Prince Ernst August V was caught in a lip-lock with a mystery woman while on vacation in the Kingdom of Thailand. The talk of marital discord began to spread after the Hanoverian couple stopped being seen together and last year Princess Caroline moved away from their home in France back to Monaco with their daughter Princess Alexandra and enrolled her in school there. Caroline was in the Middle East when Ernst was in court in Germany, Princess Caroline was also on her own at the National Day festivities and other events while Ernst was seen in Austria at a photo-shoot involving fast cars and topless models. Most recently, while the Grimaldi clan were taking their usual winter ski vacation the Prince of Hanover was in Thailand, obviously feeling his oats. The Palace earlier denied reports that a divorce was on the horizon, but this news does nothing to assuage such fears. I've never totally bought in to the whole legend of the "curse of the Grimaldis" supposedly imposed on Lord Rainier I that would prevent any of his family from happiness in marriage, but sometimes you cannot help but wonder. I will admit to never being a big fan of the Prince of Hanover, after all she's been through Princess Caroline deserves better and I had hoped this would work out but such does not seem to be the case. I'm sure this whole embarassing mess does nothing to make Prince Albert II very anxious to rush down the aisle. Whatever happens I hope everything works out for the best and that Princess Caroline and little Princess Alexandra find happiness through all of these problems.

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