Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grimaldi Goings-On

Festivities get underway today in the Principality of Monaco for the Feast of St Devote, patron saint of Monaco and the Princely Family, which will last for two days, most of the 'main events' coming tomorrow on the official feast day. St Devote was from Corsica, a young Christian girl, martyred about 304 and her remains were put on a boat which drifted into the harbor of Monaco. Over time St Devote became recognized as the patron saint of both Corsica and Monaco with great devotion to her in the principality. As with many of the early Christian writers, some are now questioning whether the story of St Devote is true or if it was invented to simply provide some Christian roots to an area lacking them. Such speculations would not be so odd were not some of them coming from the Church itself. In any event, there is probably no more anticipated event other than National Day than the Feast of St Devote in Monaco.
The United Nations has declared 2010 International Biodiversity Year and Monaco's Uber-Green Prince has charged into the year taking the UN campaign very seriously. Monaco, the Princely Government, the Prince Albert II Foundation, the Oceanographic Institute and the Prince Albert I Foundation have all been charged with taking part in the campaign to preserve all forms of life which include the creation of new artificial reefs off the coast of Monaco to preserve fragile marine life in these areas.
Charlotte Casiraghi is still the subject of rumors, one being an old favorite recently kicked around again, that she and current boyfriend Alex Dellal, grandson of the London-based billionaire "Black Jack" Dellal. These rumors first surfaced in the usual places last year, of course with nothing to back them up. There has been no evidence that Charlotte is engaged and now would certainly seem like an odd time for her to take the plunge considering all that her mother is going through. I've never been a big fan of Alex (I always think Char could do better) but Charlotte has a good head on her shoulders and so far has given us nothing to worry about when it comes to her private life.

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