Friday, January 8, 2010

Monaco Independence Day

It was on this night in 1297 that Francesco Grimaldi and his relative the future Lord Rainier I stormed the castle on "the Rock" of Monaco, first taking the fortress for the House of Grimaldi. Francesco overpowered the gate guards after approaching the castle disguised as a Franciscan friar, hence the modern Monegasque coat-of-arms showing the Grimaldi colors flanked by two men monk robes holding swords over their heads. Today marks the 713th anniversary of the Grimaldi monarchy reigning over Monaco.


  1. Congratulations to Monaco and the House of Grimaldi! This must be one of the oldest independence days still commemorated today.

  2. I'm sure it's that. Some rank Monaco as the oldest monarchy in Europe, though obviously that can be argued over and usually is when mentioned by those from more powerful and influential countries.


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