Monday, August 2, 2010

Change of Date

This just in: the AP out of Paris reports a statement just issued (Sunday) by the Princely Palace that next year's wedding ceremonies have been moved up a week. Originally planned for July 8-9 the new date is July 2-3. The changes were made to accomodate a meeting in Durban, South Africa by the International Olympic Committee which will be held July 5-9. Prince Albert II and Charlene, both former Olympians, said they wanted their Olympic family to be able to share the the occasion with them and not be forced to choose between the wedding and the IOC meeting so they moved up the date. Isn't that thoughtful? And if there is such a thing as being an "Olympic nerd" I think the Prince and his beloved may be dangerously close to qualifying! ;-)


  1. Isn't it a bad omen to move your wedding date once it has been set? Marriages in this family have had enough issues without starting out with bad luck. Why didn't they know about the olympic meeting before or why didn't the olympic committee move the meeting once the wedding date was announced? I think you can only classify them as olympic nerds if the Prince attends the meeting when he should be on his honeymoon.


  2. I'd never heard that but I would certainly agree that no Grimaldi should be taking any chances. I may be biased but I would tend to think the IOC should reschedule *their* event as a favor to the Prince of Monaco. I think (at least I certainly hope!) that the Princely couple will not be attending the meeting in any event they just didn't want their friends to have to choose one or the other.


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