Thursday, August 30, 2012

Working Holiday for the Princely Couple

As we see in this photo released by the Princely Palace, for any reigning monarch, there is work to attend to even during holidays. And the Princely Couple have been busy. After wrapping up the massive event that was the 2012 Summer Olympics, they stayed in London for the opening of the 2012 Paralympics. This was especially important for HSH Princess Charlene who was made the ambassador for the special olympics more than a year ago. However, even if she had not been, the promotion of athletics and athletics as a way of helping the disabled are huge priorities for her and have occupied a great deal of her official time since becoming Princess of Monaco. While in the area, Princess Charlene has also reached out to another one of her primary causes, children, by attending the reveal of a newly restored bus for children with disabilities, put out by the "Variety Club" for a primary school in Leeds, England. Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene attended the gala of this organization last September and seemed very pleased to be checking up on their progress.

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