Sunday, August 26, 2012

Media Coverage of Princess Caroline

It is so fun when they get it wrong. Earlier this month, the tabloids were full of stories about poor, lonely Princess Caroline, forced to sail away on her own while all her children were gone. Andrea was with Tatiana, probably going over wedding plans, Pierre was out racing, Charlotte was with her (40 yr old) boyfriend in Los Angeles, California -oh the heartache! But, of course, none of it was true as a later crop of pictures clearly showed. The Caroline family vacation, sailing around the French island of Cosica on the family yacht, was missed by none. Princess Caroline even had a friend along it seems, Andrea and Tatiana were there, as were Charlotte and Gad, Pierre, little Alexandra and what looks like a friend of her's as well. The whole family, enjoying some time off together. This is what happens when the mags try to invent a story that isn't there -they end up with egg on their face.

Tatiana and Andrea. There have been rumors that Tatiana may be "with child" but I can't tell. One source cited her 'flowing' wardrobe as a sign but, as we all know, that common for Tatiana.

Princess Caroline, still looking cute as ever, walking the hot dogs before boarding.

Charlotte has a puff on the bow with her old man. If this works out, I want to see video of him calling Princess Caroline "Mom".

Pierre having a cold drink while Caroline's mystery man picks up in the background.

And just to show everyone really was there, here we see Princess Alexandra who looks oh-so-much like her mother in this shot. Anyway, she seems uninterested in what everyone else is looking at.


  1. Actually, Corsica island is french since 1768 !

    1. Oops! Thanks for catching that. Goes to show just how far back in the past I'm stuck. It will be corrected.

  2. Wow the Gutter tabloids have really been slacking off on the Monegasque royals lately.

    This isn't nearly as bad as some of the other rumors that have surrounded them.

    Maybe Princess Caroline should have had her man show is bum in Vegas.

    That would have roused the yellow journalists!


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