Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Princess Charlene Cheers South Africa to Victory

The South African swim team had a very good showing at these Olympic games with Chad le Clos becoming an international star for his accomplishments which included beating the record-holding Michael Phelps of the USA by 0.2 seconds in one race. The South African swimmers have earned two gold medals and one silver medal and, through it all, no one was cheering harder for them than HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco who donated training facilities to her countrymen for their preparations for the Olympics and who has been giving them moral support every step of the way. Perhaps even a little advice from someone who is herself a veteran Olympic swimmer. The Princess consort was very emotionally involved and could not help shedding a few tears at the moment of triumph when the South African national anthem was played at the gold medal ceremony.

Team South Africa was very appreciative of all the help and support Princess Charlene gave them. In an interview, head coach Graham Hill said that the assistance of Princess Charlene and their stay in Monaco had really helped build up the confidence of the team and was very grateful for the hospitality Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene had shown to them. The team psychologist even went so far as to say that the moral support of Princess Charlene, with her experience as an Olympic swimmer, had been the key to their success, citing her presence at the pool during their training, always encouraging them and helping to keep them calm and focused as well as her moral support at the games themselves. The Princess took the time to talk to the swimmers, lift their spirits and give them the reassurance that only a veteran can. In addition to providing for their training and stay in Monaco, the Princess also took care of many other minor things for them and also helped make sure they enjoyed their stay in Monaco and have some fun while in the principality. It is great that Princess Charlene was able to be such a help to Team South Africa and it is great to see how much they appreciated it. Long live the Princess!

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  1. Woot! Go Charlene!

    Great Job South Africa!

    Never underestimate the powers of The Princess.


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