Saturday, June 16, 2012

A New Market and A New Team

TSH Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco just visited the ward of La Condamine, a mostly business district, recently expanded with the expansion being completed just a couple of years ago. The Princely couple were in La Condamine to open a new marketplace which is sure to be a popular place for visitors to Monaco. Of all the wards, Monte Carlo is surely the most famous, but many people mistakenly think that Monaco is simply a playground for the super rich. In fact, as a trip to areas like La Condamine will show, there is something in Monaco for everyone and you don't have to be wealthy to enjoy a Monegasque vacation or a simple visit. The glamorous casino and luxury hotels may get all the attention, but trust me, anyone can go to Monaco, walk around, see the whole principality and you will find plenty to enjoy that is within the price-range of just about anyone. Besides, the little local shops, cafes and markets are more to the taste of many people anyway. It's all good to see.

HSH Princess Charlene was all smiles as she officially accepted the honor of being "godmother" of the Monegasque Rugby Club at the club's training center. The Monegasque Rugby Club operates a school for everyone from the age of 5 up to 19 who wants to play rugby (for Americans unfamiliar with the sport it's sort of like American football but without the pads, helmets and constant pauses). The Princess was easily persuaded to take on this position as it combines two of her greatest passions: sports and children. Undoubtedly this post seemed tailor-made for the Princess Charlene who obviously had a great time with the youngsters. Can the princess play rugby? I'm not sure but with all her experience as an Olympic calibre swimmer, I'd bet she'd make one heck of a kicker.

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