Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rio+20 Votes Down Abortion Language

HSH Prince Albert II was proud to attend the United Nations "Rio+20" sustainability conference which was to address environmental issues. What has that got to do with abortion? It's certainly a stretch. It comes down to the fact that international groups have been taking money from wealthy, First World countries and redistributing it among poorer Third World countries in order to help these poorer countries combat global warming/climate change/environmental armegeddon. Some, such as the current U.S. administration and the European Union along with others, have pushed to include "reproductive rights" (contraceptives and abortions) as something that wealthy countries should fund in poorer countries as a way of reducing the population in these poor countries because, to their way of thinking at least, more people=more pollution. However, the representatives of the Holy See as well as countries from Chile to the Russian Federation, managed to block including any such language in the agreements signed by the international grouping. Pro-Life sources have hailed this as a victory in the struggle against abortion, particularly in the fight to promote abortion in poor countries. How did Monaco vote? I wish I knew! I have been unable to find a country-by-country breakdown or even if Monaco was voting at all. I have not seen Monaco listed among the countries that opposed the measure but the lists may not be exhaustive.

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