Saturday, June 2, 2012

Princess Caroline - A Mom's Mom

On Friday HRH Princess Caroline made the traditional visit to the Princess Grace Hospital to honor all the new mothers and she was all smiles holding the little newborns and presenting flowers to the new moms of Monaco. It happens every year and every year I cannot help but note that this is just one of those special little traditions that binds the Grimaldis and the Monegasque together, making them all feel like one family, a rather exclusive club amongst the large population of Monaco. And, seeing Princess Caroline with the new babies calls to mind the times when she was the new mom herself...

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  1. Gosh, she and Stephanie were so beautiful in their younger years. Now I agree with those who say Charlotte Casiraghi, though a remarkably stunning woman herself, was no match to Caroline in her prime.

    And it should be worth noting that it was her mother Princess Grace who introduced this lovely practice of honoring new Monegasque moms and babies. So in continuing this, Princess Caroline is likewise honoring her legendary mother.


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