Thursday, June 14, 2012

Desperate Housewives of Monaco?

Nah, it's just the 52nd International Television Festival in Monaco, attracting noted television stars from all over the world including, as we see here, Eva Longoria. The former "Desperate Housewives" star is currently campaigning for Barrack Obama in the Latino community in the United States and is starring in the film "Cristiada" (aka "For Greater Glory") about the Catholic rebellion in Mexico in the 1920's when the government of President Calles enacted anti-religion policies. So, she does have a little something in common with the Sovereign Prince who, as we've talked about before, also had a cameo appearance in a film about Mexican history called "One Man's Hero" about the San Patricio Battalion of (mostly Irish) U.S. soldiers who left the American army to fight for Mexico during the Mexican-American War. Okay, it's not much, but it is something and the Sovereign Prince does have a few drops of Mexican ancestry thanks to his grandfather Prince Pierre.


  1. Campaigning for Obama but starring in Cristiada? How ironic. What about Obama's anti-Catholic policies? Does she not think anything through? Or is acting just a job for her and she will take whatever film comes along?

    1. Since the Feds are not coming in to smash statues and execute priests, I doubt she sees any relation. I'm sure she thinks the admin is being completely reasonable -insofar as she thinks about it at all. I'm pretty sure it is just a job and that's all. To be fair though I think the Church has done a pretty lousy job with being consistent in their image. So many Catholics (or "Catholics") were applauding the healthcare reform and calling for national, universal healthcare (which many still are) while never thinking through the consequences of the government being given that kind of power. I cannot be too upset if some people are legitimately bewildered. The bishops need to (imho) stick to the big moral issues and then speak with total clarity and unanimity when those issues come up and they need to give a clerical slap to those people who oppose them on moral issues while still calling themselves "Catholics".

      If I were to be generous I would say Longoria may be one of those who is just confused. Maybe she's a Father Pfleger Catholic. Honestly though, with her, I'm pretty sure it's just a job and nothing more.


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