Thursday, December 8, 2011

Prince Albert, Saving the Planet

What's that up in the sky? A French aristocrat? A wealthy businessman? The sovereign of a European microstate? No, it's Prince Albert - Savior of the Planet! Okay, all joking aside, our favorite Prince is once again united with his true love. Princess Charlene? No, his other true love (alright, last one, I promise) environmentalists! On Tuesday Prince Albert II was in Durban, South Africa where, in the presence of presidents, prime ministers and other assorted dignitaries he officially opened the "High Level Segment of the United Nations Climate Change Conference" aka COP17. For those of you not keeping up, "climate change" is what used to be known as "global warming" before everything started freezing and people started to wonder what was up with that. The Prince gave a speech about climate change and the impact it was having on the environment and kudos to him for being able to still say something new on this subject when he's been speaking on this exact topic for what seems like almost his entire life. But that's our Albie, saving the world from climate change one speech and awards ceremony at a time. God love him.

Yesterday he teamed up with Princess Charlene (who is no doubt enjoying this trip to her South African homeland) for the UNEP "One Billion Tree Campaign" (shouldn't that be "trees"?) or "Climate Action Networking Reception" because if there's one thing that is going to get us off of fossil fuels and stop Chinese air pollution, it's networking and receptions. I'm sorry, I really need to tone down the sarcasm but as long-time readers will know, I've just never been able to get on the whole environmentalism bandwagon. The way I see it, human beings are still a far greater danger to each other than we are to the planet. I tend to think the planet will be here long after we've managed to kill each other off completely. In any event, the Green crusader from Monte Carlo continues to forge ahead on his quest to save planet Earth and, at this particular event, the Sovereign Prince paid tribute to the Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maatai, alas no longer on this mortal coil, who founded Kenya's "Green Belt Movement". Surely, a man after the Prince's own heart. All joking aside though, anything that can be done to make the planet a cleaner, healthier place, I am all for and wish them the best in their ongoing efforts.

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