Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Tradition in Monaco

On Wednesday it was time again for a favorite Grimaldi Christmas tradition, handing out Christmas presents to all the good little boys and girls (all of them I'm sure) of Monaco at the Princely Palace. Readers will recall that Princess Charlene participated in this tradition last year, but this was her first time passing out the gifts as Princess of Monaco. Unlike last year though, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie were nowhere to be seen, but the Princely Couple, with Santa Claus of course, got it all done in fine fashion (in 2009 Princess Alexandra helped out). This is such a great tradition, imagine the memories that are made and the stories that will be told about such occasions for a lifetime to come. It also shows how oh-so-sadly wrong are those republican humbugs who insist that all monarchies and all royals are remote and aloof. In Monaco there is nothing the Princely Family loves more than to celebrate special occasions with their wider family; the Monegasque. And, as the second picture above shows, you know you've reached the top when even Santa bows his head to you.

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