Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 2011 Monaco Madness Awards

Friends, Romans, Monegasque monarchists, we are gathered here today to honor the “epic wins” and “epic fails” of 2011. Let’s get right down to it shall we:

The Al Gore Award for obsessive environmentalism, once again, goes to HSH Prince Albert II for never missing a conference, awards ceremony or speech opportunity involving the environment, climate change and/or global warming. As usual, it wasn’t even close. Congrats!

The Charlie Sheen Award, for “WINNING!” goes to TSH Prince Albert and Princess Charlene together; Princess Charlene for swimming for charity, Prince Albert for promoting world peace through football and to the couple for actually putting a meeting of the International Olympic Committee before their own honeymoon. That, my friends, is dedication.

The Charlotte Casiraghi Award, for extreme gorgeousness above and beyond the call of duty goes, once again, to Charlotte Casiraghi. As usual, it wasn’t even close but, then again, there’s a reason why the gorgeousness award had to be named after Charlotte Casiraghi, the only girl gorgeous enough to win the Charlotte Casiraghi Award. Congrats!

The Cathy Barry Award, for having the most well-stocked dairy department of any princess over the age of 40 goes to HSH Princess Stephanie. Be proud of what you’ve got, why not. And how you got it is nobody’s business but your own. We love you unconditionally sweetheart. Additionally, the Little Jimmy Dickens Award for best monkeyshines goes to her daughter Camille for making faces at the paparazzi. You go girl!

The G.I. Jane Award for being a real trooper goes to HSH Princess Charlene for putting up with a media frenzy of rumors and gossip all intended to ruin the happiest day of her life -and never letting it get her down but pulling it all off like a pro.

The Bjorn Award for extreme boldness in fashion goes to Andrea Casiraghi for wearing zebra-striped shoes to the AMADE gala this year. Sorry Steph, this year your nephew takes the prize. Better luck next year.

The Buford Pusser Award for putting the smack-down on the bad guys goes to HSH Prince Albert II for taking the tabloids, media that act like tabloids and cranky old coots (who are totally not gay) to court for harassing his family and his country. Way to go Albie!

The Monaco Raspberry Award for being an example of an “epic fail” goes to Christophe Barbier, editor-in-chief of L’Express for actually calling for the annexation of Monaco by France because Prince Albert called him out for printing baseless accusations with no facts to back them up. Immature overreaction why not?

The Andy Dick Award for being a really big loser goes to French citizen “Hachim N” who was arrested for being roaring drunk in public and then was sentenced to six days in the dungeons of Monte Carlo for insulting the Sovereign Prince. LOSER!

Finally, closest to home, we have the oh-so prestigious Monaco Madness Medal which recognizes the weblog which has directed the most visitors to our humble corner of the internet. This year the Monaco Madness Medal goes to … (drum roll please) the blog Princesas to whom we owed over 5,000 visits last year, a landslide victory. Congratulations to Princesas and our sincerest thanks, you or your readers at least truly are Mad for Monaco. Wear your medal proudly.


  1. Dear MadMonarchist,
    Thank you very much for honoring me with this award and your nice words. I really appreciate it and accept it on behalf of my readers.
    Thank you for all your work in keeping us all well informed about the lovely princely family of Monaco.
    Wishing you all of the glorious blessings the New Year has to offer!

  2. And thank you for all you do. Your blog is great!

    Happy New Year to you.


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