Saturday, November 12, 2011

Princess Grace's Birthday

It was on this day in 1929 that Grace Patricia Kelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to John Brendan Kelly and Margaret Katherine Majer, the third of four children. She would be 82-years-old today, were it not for the tragic accident that cut her life all too short. It is hard to imagine what the world, and Monaco in particular, would have been like without her -and I wouldn't want to try. She was such a remarkable woman, truly one of a kind, and an ideal Princess consort. Her life was the original, true, royal fairytale. It was not always easy or pleasant and she certainly had her share of problems to deal with but, like all the best royal consorts, she took it all in stride and never let it show. She was a faithful and supportive wife and a devoting, loving and "hands-on" mother. Princess Grace was the complete package; intelligent, disciplined, compassionate, beautiful, stylish, dignified, caring and, of course, graceful. Few would have guessed it at the begining. As a child she was considered, believe it or not, to be something of an "ugly duckling". She was frail and often sick in a family that, with a father who was an Olympian, prized athletic ability, strength and stamina. However, she set out on her own, pursued her acting career, started out as a model, worked her way up through the ranks and finally reached the top; not just a successful actress, but the leading lady in many big studio movies and an Oscar winner. After her whirlwind courtship and marriage she settled into the "role" of Princess of Monaco and I think everyone would agree it was a part she was born to play. I am sure, Princess Grace is looking down on Monaco now, keeping an eye on her children (and her grandchildren) and I'm sure she would be perfectly delighted that her beloved 'Albie' has finally settled down to married life. There will never be another like her and she is still greatly missed, but a Hollywood icon and a future Princess of Monaco got her first look at the world 82 years ago today.

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